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Nokia 3 offers

Nokia has released some interesting phones since relaunching last year. The Nokia 3 follows this trend. It's a perfectly good mid-range Android phone with some nice design touches and an affordable price. There are far worse Android phones... read more

Nokia 3 pay monthly

Sony Xperia XA1 pay monthly offers

The Sony Xperia XA1 is a phone with a fantastic 23 megapixel camera and mid-range specifications in most other areas.

It's been out since Spring 2017, so prices have now started to reduce. The cheapest offer we know about is from... read more

Xperia XA1 pay monthly

Samsung Galaxy S7 contracts without cashback

We recently wrote about how the Samsung Galaxy S7 was getting cheaper. Since then, prices have dropped even further, so we thought that we'd provide an update. (part of the Carphone Warehouse group) are now selling the... read more

Vodafone cheap Galaxy S7 contracts

Samsung Galaxy S7 cheaper offers

Monday 25th September 2017, 15:00

Since the release of the Galaxy S8, the S7 is no longer Samsung's flagship phone. This should mean that contract prices start to get cheaper. have currently got pay monthly offers for the black S7 32GB at just £21 per month (plus £50 for the phone itself), including 1GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. This is the cheapest big network deal we know about that doesn't include any cashback. It's a refurbished handset, but comes with a full warranty and the phone condition is unlikely to be any different from a brand new handset.

If you would prefer a completely new handset and don't mind cashback deals then Mobile Phones Direct offer 500MB data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts on Vodafone for the S7 32GB. This contract includes £240 cashback, taking the cost from £32 to £22 per month.

Cheap Galaxy S7 pay monthly contracts

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