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Samsung Galaxy S7 contracts without cashback

We recently wrote about how the Samsung Galaxy S7 was getting cheaper. Since then, prices have dropped even further, so we thought that we'd provide an update. (part of the Carphone Warehouse group) are now selling the... read more

Vodafone cheap Galaxy S7 contracts

Motorola Moto C deals on EE

The Motorola Moto C has got a 5 inch screen, 16GB storage, 4G for fast downloads and an FM Radio. It's not the latest and greatest phone, but it does all the basics. After cashback, prices start from just £5.99 per month with no charge for... read more

Motorola Moto C cheap contracts

Samsung Galaxy S7 cheaper offers

Since the release of the Galaxy S8, the S7 is no longer Samsung's flagship phone. This should mean that contract prices start to get cheaper. have currently got pay monthly offers for the black S7 32GB at just £21... read more

Cheap Galaxy S7 pay monthly contracts

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I've seen a cashback offer on your site, is this genuine?

Believe it or not, it is! It's completely possible to get a mobile phone for a lot less than the normal cost of a contract.

Here's how the offers generally work:

  1. You order the phone (tip: Try to get a contract which includes all the inclusive minutes, texts and data that you need - The retailer will not reimburse you for extra calls, texts and data that you make when you have used your inclusive allowance up).
  2. Use the phone as you normally would. You receive the phone bills, which you initially have to pay in full
  3. You send a copy of your bills to the retailer. The paperwork that came with the phone will have told you which ones to send and how to send them.
  4. After the minimum contract term is over, you sign up for another cashback line rental deal and cancel your existing contract.
How does this 'cashback' work?

Each retailer's cashback scheme is slightly different so you need to check their terms and conditions carefully to make sure you understand what you have to do in order to claim the money back.

To help you to understand what it is you have to do, here are some links to the retailers Terms and Conditions (which include their cashback instructions somewhere on the page):

The retailers rely on the fact that some people will forget to claim their cashback, will send in the wrong bill or do something else wrong - Make sure you aren't one of these people. Before you order, make sure you know what you have to do. When the phone has arrived, write the cashback dates down on your calendar (or use the phone's own calendar to store the dates).

If the retailer sends you cashback "vouchers" with your phone, keep these really safe. If you lose them, they probably won't send you replacements.

Also, check around other internet forums. There's lots of information out there confirming that the cashback deals are genuine and detailing people's experiences.

What is 'automatic cashback' or 'upfront cashback'?

'Automatic Cashback' is money that the retailer will send you automatically, you don't have to claim anything. It's usually sent in installments every few months.

'Upfront Cashback' is money that the retailer will send automatically, but the retailer will send it all at the beginning of the contract (sometimes it'll be sent with the phone itself, or sometimes it's sent when you've paid the first bill - That way the retailer knows you are going to honour the terms of the contract and that they will get their commission from the network).

What is 'redemption cashback' or just plain old 'cashback'?

'Cashback' or 'Redemption Cashback' is the most common form of cashback found with mobile phone offers. Check out 'How does this cashback work?' for more information

How do these offers with free gifts work?

Different retailers do slightly different things - However, the general principle is that you have to sent off either your first, or first couple of phone bills to the retailer. They will then send you the gift within 28 days.

Recently, some retailers have started schemes that allow you to get the gift delivered with your phone. However, you usually have to give the retailer a deposit for this, which is then returned to you a few months later.

Be careful if you decide to change the tariff you are on, or cancel the phone contract before the minimum term is up as if you do this, the retailer may want to charge you for the free gift.

I ordered a mobile phone from you and...

Errrm... This website doesn't actually sell phones! All we do is provide links to retailers that do have free line rental offers. You need to speak to the retailer themselves rather than us - Sorry!

Can I transfer the number from my existing mobile phone?

Very probably, but we aren't really the people to speak to.

Phone up your network's customer services number, they should be able to tell you what you have to do.

To transfer your number to a different network, you'll need a 'PAC' (Porting Authorisation Code) - Customer Services should be able to give you this. When you sign up for your new mobile, either give the retailer your PAC or call your new network when the phone has arrived. Your number will then automatically move over a few days later.

Can you answer another question for me?

Of course we can, just fill in our feedback form to send us a question, query, feedback or any other comments you might have.

Got any useful links to other sites?

Sure, check out our links page